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Departmental Scholarships and Awards

Past Award Recipients

Slakey Award

  • 2015 Cameron Kilcoyne
  • 2014 Avery Farnham
  • 2013 Christopher Waters
  • 2012 Wenqian Zhang, Ying Qi Zhang
  • 2011 Emily Schutsky
  • 2010 Robyn Normantowicz
  • 2009 Eric Johnson
  • 2008 Nikki Woodward
  • 2006 David Nyer
  • 2005 Linnea Freeman, Andrew Oliver
  • 2004 Nicole Caci, Amy Jensen
  • 2002 Kyle MacQuarrie

Hayes Award

  • 2015 Mary Fowler,  Johanna L'Heureux
  • 2014 Ming Sum Ruby Chiang, Mary Fowler
  • 2013 Carolyn Kelly, Samantha Williams
  • 2012 Lindsey Cantin
  • 2011 Rithika Kulathila, Claudine Mapa
  • 2010 Eric Hartman
  • 2009 David Paquette
  • 2008 Yang Song
  • 2007 S. Avadhani, J. Lin

Leading Strand Award

  • 2015 Ming Sum Ruby Chiang
  • 2014 Nathen Bopp
  • 2013 Michael Veling
  • 2012 Kevin Magalhaes

Little Award

  • 2015 Anthony Federico
  • 2014 Keenan Mahan, Kathryn Monopoli
  • 2013 Gagandeep Singh
  • 2012 Emily Schutsky
  • 2011 Amanda Clouser
  • 2009 Sean Bickerton, David Paquette, Kyle Rossi
  • 2008 Christopher Meaden, Nikki Woodward
  • 2007 K. O’Brien, M. Sochat
  • 2006 A. Mello, K. Ralto
  • 2005 Stephanie Murphy
  • 2004 M. Barrett, A. Falardeau
  • 2003 R. Smock, A. K. Wilbuer
  • 2002 S. Shafie
  • 2001 H. Horak, H. Ling
  • 2000 L. Shumway

The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department awards the Hayes Scholarship, the Slakey Award, and the Henry Little Award annually.

Hayes Scholarship

The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology invites nominations for the Jessica Hayes scholarship, made possible through the generosity of the Hayes family and in memory of their daughter, Jessica Hayes, who was an alumna of UMass and a member of the Biochemistry Office staff. This scholarship will be granted to a sophomore or junior major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology who has a GPA of 3.5 or above and also bears the qualities of boldness in pursuing non-traditional challenges and a great breadth of interests. If the awardee is a sophomore, the same student will receive the award annually until he/she graduates. The scholarship is established in memory of Jessica Hayes, whose positive outlook, concern for others, warmth, and humor imbue the spirit of this award.

If you meet the GPA requirement and wish to be considered for the scholarship, we encourage you to meet with your BMB advisor or a BMB faculty member to discuss the nomination process. It would be helpful if you brought along a current resume/CV to discuss with your nominator.  Nomination letters from two individuals (at least one faculty member) are due in the Biochemistry Office on or before February 22nd, 2016.

Slakey Award

If you are a BMB major in your junior year and are interested in pursuing summer research, you are invited to apply for the Linda Slakey Award. This award is supported by the Slakey Endowment Fund, established in 1997 by the Department in honor of Linda L. Slakey, who was Head of the Department, Dean of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and until 2006, Dean of Commonwealth College. One of the goals of the Endowment is to make summer research possible for a student who – without financial support from the award – would be unable to work in a research related summer job.

Typically the Slakey Award goes to juniors; however, exceptions with regard to junior status and Commonwealth Honors College membership may be made if warranted by the circumstances.

Applicants are expected to:

  • have high enthusiasm for the opportunity to participate in laboratory research
  • have undergraduate status during the summer in which the research is to be conducted (i.e. students who have received their baccalaureate degree in biochemistry by the summer of the intended research are not eligible)
  • have been committed to the BMB major for at least one year by the end of their junior year
  • have fulfilled all academic requirements appropriate for junior BMB majors
  • be a member in good standing of Commonwealth Honors College/University Honors Program
  • carry out senior Honors research in the host laboratory during their senior year

To Apply

  1. Identify the research lab of a BMB research faculty or adjunct faculty in which you would like to work. If you are already working in a lab doing independent study, contact your research advisor. If you have taken the HO1 course, you will have met most BMB research faculty and heard them talk about their research. Discuss whether there is an appropriate research project available or suggest a research project of your own. Obtain a written invitation from the faculty member to perform research in the lab during the following summer, and discuss the possibility of doing an honors project in your senior year which follows up on your summer research.
  2. Prepare a statement describing, in your own words, the research you want to do (1500 words).
  3. If applicable, describe how the award would make summer research possible for you financially.
  4. Include your name, spire ID#, expected graduation date, and whether you are a member of Departmental or Commonwealth College Honors.
  5. Include a sealed letter of recommendation from your research advisor.
  6. The completed application package has to be sent/delivered to the Biochemistry Main Office/Undergraduate Program Coordinator on or before February 22nd, 2016.

Henry Little Award

Each year the Henry Little Award is given to the BMB major who has earned the highest cumulative grade point average at the end of the junior year.

Leading Strand Award

Each year the BMB Department chooses a Biochemistry major who has shown leadership, initiative and a demonstrated strength in working well with others as the recipient of this award.

Scholarships and Awards from Outside the Department

The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics awards a number of scholarships for which there are descriptions and an online application. The deadline is in early May.

Also check UMass Scholarship Search to see if you fit the criteria for any other scholarships or awards.