BMB faculty and staff accepted as Inclusive Excellence Fellows

Two groups of BMB faculty and staff were accepted as Inclusive Excellence (IE) Fellows for the 2021-2022 academic year. This fellowship supports faculty and staff leaders in the College of Natural Sciences (CNS) to implement projects that foster the inclusion of all undergraduate students in CNS.

A group of lecturers from three CNS departments, including BMB, will use this fellowship to gain a deeper understanding of growth mindset and its relationship to diversity and equity in higher education. Their goal is to develop an introductory class module on addressing misconceptions surrounding fixed notions of intelligence that can be shared with instructors throughout CNS to increase a sense of student belonging and support student success.

The BMB Advising Team will use this fellowship to help grow a student mentoring program aimed at addressing feelings of disconnect and imposter syndrome among students in the major, as well as providing support for students’ academic concerns. This program will not only increase support for first and second year students, but will also provide mentoring experience for third and fourth year students and increase connections among students who have had a predominantly virtual college experience.