Make an Appointment with a BMB Advisor!

Make an appointment with a BMB Advisor

Check-out this step-by-step tutorial on how to make a BMB Advising appointment


Meet with a BMB Writing Fellow!

The BMB Writing Fellows are available to help BMB majors with a variety of writing projects, from class assignments to applications for grad school, scholarships, and grants. Contact them at bmbwriting@biochem.umass.edu for help at any stage of the writing process. Make an appointment with a BMB Writing Fellow using the button below, or Zoom with them during their office hours.

Fall 2021 Office Hours
Saumya Lal: Wed 2-5pm & Thur 3-5pm
Robin Garabedian: Mon 12-2pm & Thur 12-3pm
Danielle Pappo: Mon 11:30am-2:30pm & Tues 11:30am-2:30pm

Make an appointment with a BMB Writing Fellow


Meet with a Peer Wellness Coach!

Peer Wellness Coaching offers students the opportunity to connect with a coach and expand their capacity for health and wellness. Students will build on their strengths and set wellness goals for themselves. This peer-to-peer approach allows the student to drive the conversation. Students meet one-on-one with coaches at various locations on campus. When and how often students come is up to them. Sessions are free; sign up with Acuity Scheduling.


Biochem Course Spotlight: 190B

Biochem 190B is a four week, one-credit seminar course designed to introduce freshmen and transfer students to the BMB department. Virginia McLaurin and the BMB Peer Advisors use this course to foster community among BMB majors while helping them learn about all of the resources available on campus. Students will meet faculty and staff in the BMB department, learn how to get into a research lab, and develop professional skills to help students be successful during their time at UMass and beyond.

Check back for more details on when to enroll for Spring 2022!