Double Major vs. Dual Degree

Double Majors (120 cr) and Dual Degrees (150 cr)

Double Majors: Students pursuing a double major choose a primary and secondary major, fulfill the course requirements for both, and graduate with a minimum of 120 credits total. Certain requirements, such as junior year writing, must be completed in the primary major.

Students with double majors should meet with the academic advisors in both departments to find out the extent to which courses required by one major can be used to satisfy the requirements of the other major.

At graduation a double major earns a single degree in the primary major, but both the primary and secondary major are recorded on the transcript.

Dual Degree: Students wishing to earn two degrees, each in a different major, must complete all of the major and college requirements for both degrees, and also must complete at least 30 additional units for a minimum of 150 credits. Requirements must be completed within ten semesters, unless the Academic Dean grants an extension.