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What is Biochemistry and Molecular Biology?

Biochemistry is the study of chemical processes within biological organisms, and Molecular Biology is the interdisciplinary study of cellular processes at the molecular-level.

What can I do with a BMB degree?

The BMB curriculum prepares undergraduates for employment in a wide range of scientific, technical, and educational fields. These include positions with university, government and medical laboratories, biotechnology companies, food industries, clinical laboratories and scientific equipment suppliers, to name a few. BMB graduates are well positioned to undertake Masters (MS) and PhD graduate work in areas such as agricultural biotechnology, genomics, molecular genetics, immunology, pharmacology, virology, physiology, and nutrition, and many BMB graduates go on to medical school, dental school, pharmacy school, physician's assistant programs, and advanced training in many other healthcare professions. Read more about potential career options for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology majors.

What classes do BMB majors take?

Find the full list of requirements on our Requirements for BMB Majors page.

How to declare a BMB Major

Considering a BMB major? Students must meet with a BMB Advisor to discuss their intention and go over the classes they will need to take as part of the program.

  • Log into SSC
  • Click the "Make an Appointment" button
  • Find us under Advising > Explore How to Declare or Change Major > BMB - BioChem & Molecular Bio

Want to learn more about the BMB major before you declare? Meet with our BMB Peer Advisors in LGRT 915 during their drop-in hours to learn more about the student experience.

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