Requirements for BMB Majors

Continuation Policy

  • A cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher in the courses listed below:
    • Math 127 - Calculus I or an equivalent course
    • Math 128 - Calculus II or an equivalent course
    • Chemistry 111 - General Chemistry I or an equivalent course
    • Chemistry 112 - General Chemistry II or an equivalent course
  • The grades in these courses must be achieved by the end of the third semester as a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major.
  • Students may not repeat more than two courses required for the major in the first three semesters as a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major.

Students who do not complete the above courses with a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or greater in the first three semesters in the major will be discontinued from the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major and advised to transfer into another undergraduate major on campus. Any student who was discontinued from the major, but later improves his/her performance, can petition to return into the major. This requirement also applies to both internal and external transfer students.

Foundational Courses

  • Bio 151, Bio 152, Bio 153
  • Chem 111 and 112 (Chem 121H and 122H for Honors)
  • Math 127/131, Math 128/132

Core Courses

  • Biochem 285 (Cellular & Molecular Biology)
    • Prerequisites: Bio 152 AND Chem 112/122H
  • Chem 261, Chem 262, Chem 269 (Lab)
  • Stats 240 or equivalent
  • Physics 131/151 and Physics 132/152

Upper-Level Courses

  • Biochem 276 (Intro Lab)
    • Prerequisite: Biochem 285
  • Biochem 311 (formerly 390G) OR Bio 311 (formerly 283) (Genetics)
    • Prerequisite: Bio 15 and Bio 152
  • Biochem 394RI (Integative Experience)
    • Prerequisite: Biochem 285
  • Biochem 423 (General Biochemistry)
    • Prerequisites: Chem 261 and Chem 262 and Biochem 285
  • Biochem 424 (Molecular Cell Biology)
    • Prerequisite: Biochem 423
  • Biochem 426 (Advanced Lab)
  • Biochem 430H (Science Writing)
    • Prerequisite: Biochem 423
  • Biochem 471 (Physical Chemistry)
    • Prerequisites: Chem 112/122H AND Physics 132/152/182 AND Math 128/132
  • Advanced Elective Requirements: minimum total of 8 CREDITS 
    • Not including courses required for the BMB major or Practica courses
    • Independent Study/Research credits may be counted as advanced elective credits

Completion Time

BMB keeps close track of graduation dates and eligibility and prioritizes primary majors getting out in 4 years. If students choose to add majors and minors, it may take them longer because our focus is on a single major in BMB in 4 years. To ensure that BMB majors graduate in a timely manner, enrollment in upper-level courses is monitored and students are prioritized based on how long they’ve been in the major.

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